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Board XXXI of Cover (2022–2023) - Sapere Aude

The Cover Board oversees and manages the association's activities and operations and is responsible for creating the policy plan for their year, coordinating events and initiatives, managing finances, representing the association externally, and ensuring its overall success. They work closely with committees to organize educational, social and career-related activities, facilitate networking opportunities, maintain relationships with partners and sponsors, and promote the interests of the association's members.

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The 31st Board of Cover, appointed on 2022-10-06, for the academic year of 2022-2023, is as follows:

Fabian Cuza Chairman
Alexandra Thudor Secretary & Commissioner of Internal Affairs
Thomas Velthuis Treasurer
Cristina-Maria Pătrașcu Commissioner of External Affairs
Mattias van der Kolk Commissioner of Educational Affairs

Fabian Cuza

Picture of Fabian Cuza

Hi everyone, I’m Fabi and I am this year’s Chairman of the Board. I am 20 years old and I am currently in my second year of studying Computing Science. Aside from this, I am passionate about web development (hence also working in this), graphic design & other things alike. In my free time, you can probably see me clubbing hard. Most likely in Copas. As the chairman, I oversee the activity of the Board and divide the tasks amongst my fellow boardies. I am also representing the association and do a lot of speeches and adts. I also lead the board meetings and the general assemblies of Cover, as well as keep the board together and make sure we’re a good working family. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

Alexandra Thudor

Secretary & Commissioner of Internal Affairs
Picture of Alexandra Thudor

Hi there! I’m Alex, the Secretary AND Commissioner of Internal Affairs of Cover this year. Along with Matias, I am the confidential advisor of Cover. That means I am dealing with pretty much all aspects pertaining to the lovely members of this association. Do you wanna become a Cover member? I’m here for you. Do you have some personal problems you would like to address? I’m still here for you. Do you wanna join a committee? Yep, still me. I’m 20 and I am in my second year of my AI Bachelor. I come from the bustling capital of Romania, Bucharest, but I find Groningen quite cute and quirky. When the weather is not that Dutch I like walking (NOT to be confused with biking) around the city centre and parks here (picnics in Noorderplantsoen hit different). If you see me around campus, don’t hesitate to come up to me (if I don’t approach you to join a committee first), I’m always up for a chat smile.gif or

Thomas Velthuis

Picture of Thomas Velthuis

Hello there! My name is Velthuis. Thomas Rafael Velthuis. However, you can call me Thomas, and I am the Treasurer of Board XXXI! I am 20 years old, and I grew up in a lovely town called Veendam in the Province of Groningen. It is possible to take the train to this town from platform 2b not platform 9 ¾. I am a fourth year Bachelor History student, and yes exactly, are you thinking what everybody else is thinking? You had me at ‘’hello’’. All jokes aside indeed I am not part of the AI or CS programme, however I am incredibly enthusiastic when it comes to the numbers, ask Mason. Therefore, I look forward to representing Cover as the next treasurer and ensure that the finances of Cover are well taken care of. Hasta la vista baby!

Cristina-Maria Pătrașcu

Commissioner of External Affairs
Picture of Cristina-Maria Pătrașcu

Helloo, I'm Cristina, and I am the Commissioner of External Affairs for this year, which means that I, together with my lovely ComExA members, will keep the communication with our delightful sponsors so we can help you not go all in blind in the industry (which believe me, it is scary), and bring in money for Thomas to spend. I’m 21 and currently in my 3rd year of AI. Originally, I’m from a nice city in Romania called Craiova, but I’ve been living in the Netherlands for 2 years now. Something about me? Well, I enjoy cooking (baking is the perfect way to avoid studying), reading (which translates to ‘I like buying books’) and I own too many makeup palettes and hair dye for my own good. Lastly, if you ever need to find me, look for the person with crazy hair colours, there’s a high chance that will be me.

Mattias van der Kolk

Commissioner of Educational Affairs
Picture of Mattias van der Kolk


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