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Board XXXII of Cover (2023–2024) - Esto Quod Es

The Cover Board oversees and manages the association's activities and operations and is responsible for creating the policy plan for their year, coordinating events and initiatives, managing finances, representing the association externally, and ensuring its overall success. They work closely with committees to organize educational, social and career-related activities, facilitate networking opportunities, maintain relationships with partners and sponsors, and promote the interests of the association's members.

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The 32nd Board of Cover, appointed on 2023-10-03, for the academic year of 2023-2024, is as follows:

Tabea Jäkel Chairman
Diana Ioana Cătană Secretary
Arwen Moens Treasurer
Luca Drouillet Commissioner of Internal Affairs
Victorița Nicoleta Simion Commissioner of External Affairs
Richard Harnisch Commissioner of Educational Affairs

Tabea Jäkel

Picture of Tabea Jäkel

Hey there! I'm Tabea (she/her), the Chairperson of Board XXXII. I am 21 years and currently in my third year of the Artificial Intelligence bachelor. Next to studying and trying to become a piece of furniture, I am also a Mentor. I have a bit of a passion for random projects, I am always up for something artsy and enjoy spending my weekends scuba diving.

As Chair my task is to manage the board. That means that I oversee and coordinate tasks and make sure we have a good working environment. I also chair our meetings and the General Assemblies, which is where you will be able to see me in action;)

Diana Ioana Cătană

Picture of Diana Ioana Cătană

Hello everyone! I am Diana, the secretary of this year’s Cover board. I am very excited to be the one bringing the position back after a few years in which this was combined with other functions! As secretary, I make sure that all internal and external communication functions smoothly and I keep everything as organised as possible. And not to forget—you will see me struggling to keep up with taking notes during General Assemblies, as I am the one in charge of minuting…

I am 21 and I am currently in my third year of the AI bachelor. I come from Romania, from the beautiful mountains of Brasov—so the flatness of the Netherlands really gets to me sometimes. (idk what to say about myself that is not completely random here)

I can not wait to meet you in the Cover room or at any of the events this year!

Arwen Moens

Picture of Arwen Moens

Hi all. My name is Arwen and I am this year's Treasurer. I am 22 years old and I’m currently in the fourth year of the Bachelor Computing Science. I am from a village in Twente in the east of the Netherlands called Borne so unlike my board members I am very used to the Dutch weather (still does not mean that I like it). Next to my studies, I am also a mentor and a member of the information team for Computing Science. I am also part of an orchestra and a member of a theater association and in my spare time, I enjoy reading and making crochet creations.

You will most of the time be able to find me in the Cover room either buried in a good book or hidden under a mountain of yarn.

Luca Drouillet

Commissioner of Internal Affairs
Picture of Luca Drouillet

Heyo everyone! I'm Luca Drouillet, the Commissioner of Internal Affairs of Cover of Board XXXII. I am looking forward to getting to know you all this year. I have now fully moved into the Cover Room so you can come visit me in my natural habitat anyday! I'm always happy to talk about any subject, listen to bad jokes and even tell some (ask me about a bulgarian train conductor). I like puzzles, Rubik’s cubes and Origami and always happy to share my passions.

As the commissioner of Internal affairs, I am in close contact with the members and want to make your experience as enjoyable as possible. If you’re interested in a committee and don’t know which one to join or just want more info on a specific one, I’m here to help with anything.

Victorița Nicoleta Simion

Commissioner of External Affairs
Picture of Victorița Nicoleta Simion

Heyooo! I am Viki, Cover’s next Commissioner of External Affairs. I am 21 and in my third year of the AI Bachelor. I am from a small village in the south-eastern part of Romania, next to the Danube. It’s quite close to the border with Bulgaria. I love animals (big cat lover), I watch anime and read in my free time, and I play the electric guitar whenever I feel like - I know a few songs. I like to keep myself busy mostly and experience new things whenever I have the chance to.

As Extern, I get to talk to companies and get them to sponsor the association, allowing us to organize wonderful events for our members and not only. I am chairing ComExA and I oversee the events involving sponsors. You will also find me in the Cover Room quite a lot, so don’t hesitate to hit me up if you have any questions!

Richard Harnisch

Commissioner of Educational Affairs
Picture of Richard Harnisch

Hi! My name is Richard, and I will be the sixth Commissioner of Educational Affairs for Cover. I’m currently 19 and in my second year of the AI bachelor. I’ve lived my entire life so far in Dresden, Germany, which sits along the river Elbe next to the Ore Mountains.

As Eddie, I’ll be responsible for Cover’s education exploits. That means talking to lecturers and the university generally about courses, chairing IlluminaTee, organizing CoverTalks, and generally overseeing all of Cover’s educational committees.
When I’m not in lectures, there’s a good chance you can catch me hanging out in the Cover room. Other than that, I enjoy a good night out or just spending a weekend playing video games at home (when I have the time).


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