Student Representation Information

Last updated on October 8, 2023

The Beta Student Federation

The Beta Student Federation (Bètastuf) is the organisation that represents students at the Faculty of Science and Engineering. They ensure that students are represented at all levels including the Faculty Council, the Faculty Board, the Schools of Science and Engineering, the Programme Committees and the University Council. More information about student representation at our faculty can be found on the Bètastuf website.

Programme Committee

The Programme Committee (PC) evaluates the courses within the degree programmes. There is a PC for every degree and meet up several times a year to discuss the course evaluations that have been filled in the previous term. The committee consists of a mixture of both lecturers and professors as well as students from different stages of the degree programme.

The programme committee is also responsible for checking the teaching and exam regulations, the rules and regulations of your study programme. In addition to these regulatory tasks, they also organize the 'Teacher of the Year' and 'TA of the Year' Awards.

Artificial Intelligence PC:
Computing Science PC:

Schools of Science and Engineering

The Undergraduate School of Science and Engineering (USSE) is the overarching structure of all the bachelor degree programmes at the FSE.  They discuss general issues regarding the bachelor education. The USS has two student members, along with mostly degree programme coordinators.

The Graduate School of Science and Engineering (GSSE) is the overarching structure for all the master degree programmes and PhD-related matters at the FSE. They discuss issues regarding the master education, as well as discussing Ph.D. research. As Master education is generally more closely connected to research, if there are any research-related matters, they are usually discussed within the GSS.

More information about who the student representatives of the USSE and GSSE are and how to contact them can be found on the Betastuf website.

Faculty Council

The Faculty Council advises the Faculty Board on matters relating to faculty management. The council consists of nine staff and nine student members, elected by their peers every two years and one year respectively (via a Progress election). The Faculty Council approves things such as the faculty teaching- and exam regulations. The faculty council also thinks about matters such as the faculty finances, faculty-wide education and faculty building management (e.g. safety regulations). The student body of the faculty council can be reached by sending an email to

University Council

The University Council consists of twelve staff members and twelve students who meet every month to discuss the policies of the university. There are three student parties: Lijst Calimero, SOG, and Lijst Sterk. They are elected every year and the vote division defines how many seats each party will get. Lijst Calimero focus on improving the quality of education. Studenten Organisatie Groningen (SOG) encourage students to develop their skills beyond the degree. Lijst Sterk represent students at both the RUG and Hanze and wants to work stronger (sterker) together to find solutions for social problems.