Last updated on October 11, 2023

Student well being

The University provides a useful guide on student well-being, regarding mental, social, physical and financial issues. It also provides contact information for support people.

Check out the link here:

Confidential advisors

If you would like to confidentially receive advice on who to contact and what is the next step in finding proper support for your issues, you can contact our confidential advisors.

Meerke Romeijnders - +31 6 30342930 - ca1@svcover.nl
Luca Drouillet - +33 6 20 41 38 04 - ca2@svcover.nl
Tabea Jäkel - +4917673248031 - ca3@svcover.nl

Study advisors

You can contact the study advisors if you wish to talk about the planning of your studies, study delay and issues you experience in your studies.

BSc Artificial Intelligence

BSc Computing Science

MSc Artificial Intelligence

MSc Computing Science

MSc Computational Cognitive Science

Student counsellor

Whether it concerns personal circumstances, a functional impairment, or other study-related questions that you cannot or do not want to solve within your study programme, the student counsellor is happy to provide you with advice and inform you about the available (financial) arrangements and resources.

You can find more information here:

Emergency/crisis situations:

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, or think about self-harm or suicide, please visit this page: https://student.portal.rug.n...al-support/emergency-_-crisis

University Psychologists:

Many students encounter study- or phase of life problems during their studies. For example, they experience stress complaints, struggle with their identity or feel anxious or depressed. In such cases you can contact the psychologists of the Student Service Centre (SSC).


More information about study support in the FSE can be found here: https://student.portal.rug.n...nel-naar/study-support-group/