ChipSoft's main activity consists of supporting healthcare professionals with the finest
healthcare ICT. Our software ensures that everyone in the healthcare sector can fully focus on their most important tasks. With our user-friendly solutions HiX and Zorgplatform, we support healthcare professionals in any imaginable work process within the healthcare system. Moreover, we are improving and innovating these solutions every day.

A doctor who monitors a patient with COVID-19 at the ICU? He uses HiX. A nurse who
consults patient data and logs measured values? She uses HiX as well. A capacity manager who wants to reduce the nurses’ workload? Also HiX. Patients who want to access their results? HiX. And so on and so forth. HiX is an electronic health record (EHR) that supports healthcare professionals and patients, and at the same time guarantees a seamless financial processing of all patient treatments. In addition, HiX provides managers and directors with a crystal-clear performance overview.

With Zorgplatform we offer a service that enables doctors to check whether other healthcare organisations possess data about their patients. With the patient's permission, the doctor can import these data into his own EHR. Zorgplatform also ensures optimal communication between patient health apps, personal health environments (PHE) and the EHR.

HiX and Zorgplatform support today's healthcare and that of tomorrow. This includes patient empowerment, cooperation between all types of healthcare institutions and patients, and the increasing importance of topics such as data analysis and Artificial Intelligence. And you can contribute to that!

ChipSoft as a company
When Hans and Gerrit Mulder founded ChipSoft in 1986, they were motivated by a spirit of hard work and developing the best healthcare software. Years later, this no-nonsense
mentality still lies at the heart of our company. Even more than ever, because today the
Mulder family works together with hundreds of 'Chippies' to improve healthcare.

All these talented and experienced employees are given the opportunity to develop
themselves through educational courses and training. Furthermore, they are given the
freedom to elaborate their own ideas and to organise activities with colleagues as well. Do you have a fun idea for a team outing or an event? Bring it on! Because, as hard as we work, we also laugh.

What defines ChipSoft? To teach medical experts the intricacies of our software, as well as developing a solution that optimises patient logistics in all hospitals using HiX. But also: having lunch together and playing with the CEO's dog.  All with a common goal in mind: to provide better care and to create ICT solutions that really help patients, doctors and nurses. All while working together in a great atmosphere. Would you like to join us?