Who we are

Since its foundation in Groningen in 2008, Belsimpel has become a big part of the telecom market as a tech company. Belsimpel is part of the Gomibo Group. A group of companies founded in Groningen with one goal: to change the Mobile World. The following companies do this in a lot of different ways:

• Belsimpel - offering cell phones, tablets, subscriptions and accessories where we have made the choice process dramatically easier and more complete for you. With smart technical innovations we simply provide you with the best platform to find what suits you at low prices.
• Gomibo - this is the international name under which we offer Belsimpel's services across Europe.
• Tulip Assist - cell phone insurance is often expensive and has poor conditions. That's why we set up our own insurance company to provide customer-oriented insurance for your phone and subscription.
• Verifai - ID verification software that dozens of large customers are already using to ensure that business users really know who their customers are.

They are different companies and products, but we all work together as one big team.

Our head office is in the heart of Groningen, where all companies are located. Besides the office, there are 7 stores spread throughout the Netherlands. In 2020 we made the step to the rest of the European market under the brand name Gomibo and now we ship to 16 European countries. Our team has more than 650 ambitious colleagues. Together we go the extra mile every day to make the mobile world a little bit better.

What we do

As Belsimpel has been growing every year (turnover of 408 million in 2020), we’ve got many different development and data science projects ready for take-off. No day is the same! The telecom market consists of complex structures (555 phones x 473 contracts x 65 bundle options = a lot of options), which is why we’ve decided to do everything ourselves. We’re not only talking about our website, but also our warehouse system, CRM system (Customer Relationship Management) and our ABS (A/B testing system). Everything was developed in-house!

We are constantly looking for improvement. In our service, on the website or in the logistics process: there is always room for improvement. Always wanting to do everything better is in our blood. In e-commerce, it's all about the details, which is why a driven and competitive team is so important

What we can offer

We offer exciting technical challenges. This includes projects like improving our own CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, which is used by over a 150 colleagues, or increasing the efficiency of our WMS (Warehouse Management System), which is used to process hundreds of thousands of orders. Other projects include optimising the specimen identity document training process. Every day, we add to this list of challenges!

Love solving complex puzzles and want to put your smarts and critical eye to use at Belsimpel? If so, join us as full-time Developer, write your final project at Belsimpel or join us as a part-time colleague during the final phase of your degree to work on smaller projects that bring the future a step closer. For more information, please visit

Member of Cover at Belsimpel

I’ve been working as a part-time colleague for Belsimpel for the last year and a half while completing my bachelor’s degree in Computing Science. Over this period, I’ve learned a lot. During my studies, I became interested in software engineering. Working as a developer contributed greatly to my understanding of this field. I love working at Belsimpel, as I get to work on interesting projects with great prospects on the horizon as I grow over time. (Pieter Dekker, Back-end Developer at Belsimpel)