Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs (DUO)

DUO is the Department for the Implementation of Education and is part of the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture & Science.

DUO is positioned at the center of the educational system in The Netherlands. DUO extends student grants, acrredits diplomas and organizes state and immigration exams. As such, DUO informs and financies millions of pupils, students, teachers and educational institutions. DUO supports the Dutch government in its policy on education and therefore contributes to providing high quality education. DUO’s headquarters are in Groningen with a second location in The Hague (The Hoftoren).


DUO’s service is based on quality and efficiency. DUO’s customers must be able to do business via our online platform and self-service channels. Therefore ICT is crucial for DUO. By applying business rules and machine-to-machine interfaces, DUO is able to process changes to laws and regulations, or even add new ones, without implementing major changes to its systems.  Transactions are processed automatically through straight through processing. Should a customer experience difficulty with DUO’s online channels, DUO can offer support.

We have various ICT departments and ICT expertise areas such as Softwarehouse, Data Management (including BI and Data Analysis & Science) and Infrastructure & Exploitation. DUO employs over 600 highly educated ICT professionals. Furthermore, we have several competence groups continually studying current trends; new ICT techniques and methods.

Working at DUO ICT

DUO is downsizing its contractor staff and investing in the quality of its own personnel. By offering employees the opportunity for further training & development and encouraging staff moblity, DUO’s employees can easily adapt to the changing job responsibilities. Continuity, delivery reliability and innovation are our leading principles. Agile and Continuous Delivery are DUO ICT’s organizational principles and as such, DUO works with the DevOps practices. We no longer have experts solely positioned as information analysts, developers or testers but, instead, we have employees who want, and can, offer more. They’re excellent in their field but have a broader perspective. This is crucial to keep up with the growing complexity of ICT. DUO is transforming into an IT- and data-driven organization

In time, DUO expects each employee to have some knowledge of programming and data analysis, because understanding and being able to produce software application code is essential to perform successfully  in a strongly automated Continuous Delivery & DevOps environment. Where necessary, DUO will offer its employees the training or coaching they need as they are, after all, DUO’s most important asset.

Visit us at https://www.duo.nl/particulier/ for more information on the organisation and the topics DUO is working on.