September 06

Intro to Linux CS [Introductory Event]

Event information

Intro to Linux CS [Introductory Event]

Date Time

Tue, Sep 6, 2022


Zernike Campus



To make your life a little easier, we are organising a workshop for Linux. We will cover navigating the maze of Linux, getting the terminal to listen to you, and getting that C-code compiled right.

So, whether you have problems taming that Linux monster or you just want to stop by to pick up some cool tips & tricks, this is the workshop for you! Be sure to come, and bring your friends!

CS1, CS2, CS3: LB 5173.0169
CS4, CS5, CS6: BB 5161.0216
CS14, CS15, CS16: BB 5161.0208

CS7, CS8, CS9: BB 5161.0216
CS10, CS11, CS12, CS13: NB 5111.0057 + 5111.0071