September 24

Preliminary Benelux Algorithm Programming Contest

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Preliminary Benelux Algorithm Programming Contest

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Sat, Sep 24, 2022




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Do you wanna show how good you are at programming and to represent yourself and the university in the most important algorithmic contest among students?

Then on 24th September, bring your most 2 skilled friends to participate in the BAPC preliminary. The best teams will get a spot to go to the BAPC final, which will be on 22nd October, in Eindhoven.

The contest starts at 11 and you will have 5 hours to solve the proposed problems. In the end, the results will be announced and you will get the opportunity to discuss your approach and hang out with your fellow competitors.

Before registering, please read the eligibility rules. ( ).

For questions or searching for teammates, join FCG server. ( )
Or send us an email at

This activity is organized by the Bernoulli Institute in collaboration with FCG.

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