November 30

SNiC - CelerIT

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SNiC - CelerIT
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Wed, Nov 30, 2022




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SNiC is an acronym for Stichting Nationaal informatica Congres (Foundation National Computer Science Conference). This organisation was established in 2004 with the purpose of stimulating the interest in IT knowledge, IT applications and the business side of IT. Every year, a conference with an IT related subject is organised. For each conference one study association is chosen to take care of the organsisation.

The theme of SNiC 2022 will be CelerIT: The swiftness of technology. Celer is latin for swiftness but instead of looking at movement we invite you to take a look at the incredible speed at which modern day technology is progressing.
Check out the CelerIT website for more information and updates .

We will be going there together by a bus arranged by SNiC. More information will come at a later time via email.

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