November 17

Machine Learning Month - Lecture 1

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Machine Learning Month - Lecture 1

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Thu, Nov 17, 2022


Bernoulliborg, 151


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Welcome to the first lecture of Machine Learning Month.

Are you ready to enter the world of machine learning? Or to explore more about it?

This Thursday FCG is hosting the first lecture of Machine Learning Month. The lecture will cover everything you need to know in order to make a successful machine-learning model, from data preprocessing to implementing models with SKLearn.

This lecture is aimed at providing a brief introduction to the world of Machine Learning and will cover the following topics:
1) ML fundamentals
2) Data pre-processing
3) Theory of ML techniques
4) Implementation using Sklearn

If you want to compete in our competition, this lecture is the perfect start. For more information on the contest, look at

For questions or searching for teammates, join the FCG server ( )

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