November 29

Python Workshop (1/2) | David Coslar

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Python Workshop (1/2) | David Coslar

Date Time

Tue, Nov 29, 2022


BB 5161.0041b



We all know and love it.. Python!

Python seems simple at first sight, but don't let that deceive you.. This snake runs deeper than Jörmungandr itself. To help you utilize Python to its full potential, we are hosting a two part workshop given by David.

Following is a short description from David about both lectures.

Part 1:
Python is used universally in programming, from web-applications to CI/CD to AI development and robotics. However, there is no university resource to support us in learning Python. This first lecture is supposed to give an introduction to the language, providing examples of language offered functionality to allow for good usage. The standard data model will be covered, such as Numbers, Lists, Strings, Dictionaries and Sets. Then, we will work our way up to Conditionals, Loops, Comprehension and function definitions and their argument types. Some other nuances to be covered are the difference between 'is' and '==', when to use None and mutability. In between, there will be questions and exercises for the audience. For full participation, a laptop with a Python console is recommended.

Part 2*:
This lecture is a continuation of the first Python lecture. The audience is expected to know not only most of the first lecture, but also to have experienced OOP in Python already. Because this lecture goes beyond typical applications, it is geared towards the interested and will not provide exercises, as the discussed material has specific applications. The lecture itself will cover more advanced topics, starting from a short introduction to Python's OOP and then continuing to Generators and Iterators, Context Managers, Decorators, and, if enough time is left, Coroutines and the match statement. We will also talk about functions as objects and some background information, such as easy memory optimization and meta-classes.

* This lecture will be given on the 7th of December,