December 12

[POSTPONED] Oscars Gala

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[POSTPONED] Oscars Gala
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Mon, Dec 12, 2022
till Tue, Dec 13, 2022


News Café, Waagplein 5, 9712 JZ Groningen



This year's Oscars Gala is going to be the most glamourous event of the year! Make sure to mark your calendars for the biggest night in Hollywood!

The gala will take place at News Café, we are happy to announce that you can bring a plus one!

We have 2 options for tickets: one with alcohol and one without, both unlimited drinking.

The cost of tickets for Cover members is €26, if you get unlimited free drinks with choices of beer, wine, soda and domestic distilled drinks (Dutch alcohol only), and €15 if you get unlimited free sodas . Please note that tickets for non-Cover members plus ones cost €29 for the alcoholic package and and €18 for the package that does not include alcohol. If you want to bring more +1s, they can sign-up here:

Be a true Hollywood star and join us at the Oscars Gala!

NOTE: The doors will be closing at 23:00!!

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