January 16

RDW Lecture: Passionate Dating for IT

Event information

RDW Lecture: Passionate Dating for IT

Date Time

Mon, Jan 16, 2023


BB 5161.0165



Passionate dating based on software testing techniques

In this fun presentation, René shows which software testing techniques are subconsciously used successfully when people date, and he will show why you, successful software testers and/or IT-staff (m/f/x), have it in you to be highly successful daters: Because of your capable use of testing techniques.

Amongst other techniques:
– Equivalence partitioning
– (Black box) boundary value analysis
– Decision tables
– State transition testing and
– Process testing

will be covered in this humorous presentation and shown to be successful dating techniques. Furthermore, René will share his experiences on the subject, uncovering failures and successes.