February 16

Active Bystander Workshop for Students

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Active Bystander Workshop for Students

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Thu, Feb 16, 2023


EA 5159.0010


This activity is not organised by Cover.
Placed by: Board

Our lovely academic advisors are organizing an active bystander workshop to help us do our part in creating a safe environment. Following is their description of the event and the link to sign up.

Active Bystander Workshop for Students

We want the university to be a safe environment for staff and students. If you experience undesirable behaviour, you can talk to your academic advisor or the university’s confidential advisor about this. But what should you do if you witness undesirable behaviour?

On Thursday, 16 February the AI, CS and CCS programmes, together with Study Association Cover, are offering the Active Bystander Workshop to our students. The workshop will be held in room EA 5159.0010 from 13.00-14.30. Sign up now!

How can you contribute to a safe environment at the university?

Imagine witnessing unacceptable behaviours. Think of f.i. bullying, (sexual) harassment, belittling, discrimination etc. It’s pretty hard to be the one to speak up. You might be afraid or you don’t want to be the first to speak up, or maybe others will say you are overreacting …

Yet, you know that matters like this can very well contribute to a toxic culture in the work/study/sports/student etc. environment and lead to socially unsafe circumstances. How can you keep yourself from freezing, looking away? What is it you can do when doing nothing is not an option? How to challenge inappropriate behaviours? How to become an active bystander?

If you have questions about the workshop or the topic, please feel free to contact your academic advisor.

Artificial Intelligence: Jennifer Smit-Hobbs, BSc and Rachel van der Kaaij, BSc and MSc
Computing Science: Femke Schouten, BSc and Korrie Bonnema, BSc and MSc