May 03

Cover Career Day

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Cover Career Day

Date Time

Wed, May 3, 2023


Bernoulliborg, 1st floor



Have you ever wondered what lies beyond the horizon of your studies in Artificial Intelligence, Computing Science, or Computational Cognitive Science. Nowadays, every company deals with software, data, and tech in general in some way or another. This opens up a lot of doors for us students, but might also seem daunting. How do you know which area or subfield of IT suits you best? What type of study background do you need to fulfill a certain position? What other possibilities are out there?

These and many other questions can and will be answered during the Cover Career Day. The event consist of lectures and workshops followed by an information market, where you can ask the questions you've always wanted to ask to CS and AI professionals. If you haven't had enough yet, stay for the networking social! This is the ideal moment to have a more informal talk with people from various companies and meet some new people. To commemorate this amazing day, you'll also receive a sweet goodie bag with some useful merch.

If you are not quite looking for a job yet, we still encourage you to come to this event! Career orientation early on in your studies might help you effectively shape your curriculum to suit the position you desire. Moreover, companies will not only tell about what it's like to work there, but also present a case or give a workshop that will be interesting for everyone!

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