September 06

[Kick-Off] Introductory Barbecue

Event information

[Kick-Off] Introductory Barbecue

Date Time

Wed, Sep 6


Patch of grass outside Bernoulliborg



After your first 3 days at uni, it's time to have a relaxing meal at the "great garden" of the Bernoulliborg (the big blue building😉). A moment where you cannot only enjoy the finest Dutch weather whilst getting your belly stuffed, but also an opportunity to socialize and meet your fellow students! No matter if you want to enjoy a vegetarian or non-vegetarian meal, there is an option for you! (We've been told it's the good veggie stuff as well 😋). And for the bread and salad types of course you can go all out as well. Don't worry about the dishes though. Cover has got you covered!

Will we see you there 🙋? P.S. Seniors are welcome as well.

The sign-ups take place on the IntroCee Website (