September 21

Zure Matten TAD

Event information

Zure Matten TAD

Date Time

Thu, Sep 21


Cover Room



This TAD will be the Zure Matten TAD!

Okay so long story short, due to FoodCee (Meerke) ordering too many boxes of zure matten by accident, we now have to shame her during this TAD.  And trust me when I tell you that with this amount of zure matten, we have about a year's supply. Nevertheless, we also want to hand out some of them during the TAD so stop by!

As always there will also be free drinks next to the zure matten so stop by and enjoy the nice atmosphere in the room 🍭🍬

We're using a bar system in front of the fridge, so if the bar is there there is still money left! Just walk up to the person behind the bar and ask for your free drink!

We, RoomCee, hope to see you there!