November 22 Deep Learning, Satellite Images and Mario Kart for smart, frequent and uniform monitoring

Event information Deep Learning, Satellite Images and Mario Kart for smart, frequent and uniform monitoring
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Wed, Nov 22


BB 5161.0289


ComExA is a Groningen-based startup, with a small but highly specialized team with a lot of experience in innovative monitoring 🕵🏼‍♂️. They are developing a satellite-AI framework 🛰️that automatically and scalably inspects various types of terrain 🗺 (nature reserves, agricultural, water and more), to provide information for policymakers, effect analysts, terrain managers and enforcers.

A successful example 🏆 is Spheer's monitoring of many Dutch 🌷 nature reserves. Using open-access satellite data, aerial photos and other geodata, we inspect unique nature around the Waddensea coast and the inland moorlands in a way that is uniform across the Netherlands, highly accurate 🔎 and 12x more frequent than the established monitoring done by hand.

The quality of higher education in Groningen, and the amount of young, talented people makes it the perfect place for the startup. is organizing a borrellezing (borrel lecture) together with Cover, where the company will explain their mission, projects and technology and where they would like to get to know you: the upcoming AI workforce!

Free alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks will be available! Looking forward to seeing you there!!!

If you are interested in a job, or an internship where you will:
- Rapidly improve your data science and/or machine learning skills;
- Analyze real-world problems with loads of data;
- Do something concrete for once?

Contact us at, and they will work out a match over coffee.

It's not mandatory to sign up for the event, but it will give us a clearer idea of how many people will attend if you do!

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