March 12

Beerio Kart

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Beerio Kart
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Tue, Mar 12


BB 5161.0165



Do you like drinking and driving? This is your chance! Take up the challenge in this mario kart tournament with an amazing twist: Beerio Kart. The rules for Beerio kart are quite simple:

- You have to finish your drink/beer before the end of the race.
- You cannot drink and drive at the same time.
- You can drink during countdowns, after being hit by an item and while standing still (ex before the race or in front of the finish line)

Will you take up this challenge? (If you compete in the tournament, the drinks are entirely free)

Spots are limited due to the amount of switches available, so sign up quickly!

ps. If you have an extra switch available, you can bring it to help us let more people play at once during the tournament

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