May 31

Trip to Amsterdam

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Trip to Amsterdam
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Fri, May 31





Get ready for the unforgettable student adventure to sunny and welcoming Amsterdam! We're hitting the canals, exploring the busy streets, and you guessed it -- diving deep into art history at the Rijksmuseum. Should we mention that your luck just got better -- we've got you covered, as museum tickets (usually 22,50) are on the house! Don't miss your opportunity to make lifelong memories with your friends.

Join us on May 31st for a full-day trip, starting bright and early. The duration of our escapade might extend a bit, but we are planning to leave around 18:00. We'll be taking the NS trains from Groningen Station to Amsterdam and back, be aware you will have to organize your own tickets. There is a limited number of spots, so make sure to secure yours right now!

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