Schut Geometrical Metrology

Schut Geometrical Metrology is an international organization, founded in 1949, specialized in the development, production, sales and service of precision measuring instruments and systems. Our 3D CNC coordinate measuring machines DeMeet are completely developed in Groningen. This entails mechanics, electronics and software.

We offer positions for careers, internships or graduation projects involving a wide variety of technical subjects. Previous projects include topics such as adaptive tessellation using Bézier patches, fit algorithms for geometrical shapes from point clouds, optical lens system design, computational fluid dynamic analysis for air bearing designs and Monte Carlo raytracing.

For various departments we are looking for new colleagues. This includes software (C++), mechanical and electronics developers and engineers or technical sales and support engineers. We are in particular interested in any person who completed at least two parts of the courses “Programming in C/C++” at the R.U.G.

You are very welcome to contact us for an orientating discussion, for an open job application or for a possible internship or graduation project. We are always happy to come into contact with motivated and talented students.

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